Special Provincial Administrations in the Reform of Public Administartion Process
In Turkey.first fundamental regulations related to the establishment and duties of Special Provincial Administrations were implemented with İdare-i Umumiye-i Vilayet Kanunu , which was constituted as temparory law in 1913.This law was changed as the Law of Special Provincial Administration with the law numbered 3360 in 1987.
Despite a deal of change efforts which were implemented in public administration, same efforts were not able to be made in the field of local administration and neither in Special Provincial Administration; as a result these administrations couldn't reach the institutional stucture which is satisfactory for fulfilling the expected services.In the course of time Special Provincial Administrations have become institutions which are not autonomous but the ones ancillary to the centeral administrations and the ones deal out education,health,construction and other services.
With first implemented regulations Special Provincial Administration was given broad authority .The main reason of this situation is that Special Provincial Administrations are seen as intermediary institutions which render services that are under the resposibility of centeral administration in privincal areas.However,afterwards big part of this duty was transfered to centeral administration.In paralel with experienced problems and lately global experienced developments in the fields of politics,ecenomics and administration , Turkey has been a witness of reform studies whose results will be lasting.As stated in the first part , acumen of new public administrarion has a basis in efficiency , administration and productvity. As a result of wide-ranging studies in the context of this field Public Financial Administartion and Control law numbered 5018 was came into effect.
In the context of Public Administartion Reform it is aimed to give much authorization and duty to local administrations , so the principal of administation on site is being tried to be performed.The law-The Fundamental Principals of Public Administration and Restructuring is on the agenda of TBMM.Within the context of this law most of the codes which increase the authorization and duty of local administration have become operative as being law.These are for Methropolitan Municipality, City Hall and Special Provincial Administration . Law of Special Provincial Administration numbered 5302 approved on 22nd of February 2005 created new authorization and duty in order to supply the needs of public body.
Restructring in public administration requires the necessity of transformation and changed in local administrations.In this contex,on the contrary to the acumen of traditional public administration, tendency of localization has become more important;organizational structure of local administration,functions and authorization,working strategies,process aims also form one of the change task.Taking this into considration Law of Special Provincial Administration numbered 5302 form one of the most important part of local administartion reform.In the presentation of local sevices to increase the satisfaction of those benefitting from these services,instead of transferring the resources directly from the center,a system where local authorities have more to say and where resources are distributed more effectively forms the basis of the local administration reform. In local administration process,local administration reform aims to provide the needs of those benefitting from the service in a most effective way and focuses more on participation,activity,transperancy and duty to account.
As a result in the framework of public administration assigning more tasks and authorization to local administrations are being aimed at, thus local administration principle is reinforced and put into practice.
With Special Provincial Administration Law in Public Administration Reform , administrative functions of Special Provincial Administration have been increased respectively.Planning and bordering the functioning areas of the institutions are curical to determine the functions of Kütahya Special Provincial Administration.Planning at the institutional level and Special Provincial Administrations? having so many functions and duties necessitates to identify the legal authorizations and functions of these institutions.Thus , taking the new laws into account,in Strategic Planning Special Provincial Adminstration what liabilities and functions of Special Provincial Administrations in the new law numbered 5302 are displayed detailly in table I.
As can be seen in detail below,with law numbered 5302 important duties are rendered to Special Provincial Administrations. 
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